Why is oatmeal elevating my blood sugar, I assumed it was meant to be a wholesome meals for diabetes?

Is oatmeal really a wholesome meals for folks with diabetes or is all of it simply hype?

Do the “whole grains” and dietary fiber in oatmeal make up for the excessive carb load?

These are widespread questions, and for good purpose; there is a ton of conflicting info on the market about oatmeal!

Quick reply: With sort 2 diabetes, carbohydrates are the nutrient that have an effect on blood sugar ranges probably the most. Oatmeal is a excessive carb meals and is not appropriate for many individuals with diabetes.

The Oatmeal “Health Halo”

Oatmeal is a type of meals that appear to have a “health halo” round it. 

Loads of well being suppliers give their sufferers generalized snippets of weight loss plan recommendation and “eat oatmeal” is a well-liked one. 

Many discuss it as if it’s going to magically trigger us to be more healthy as soon as we begin consuming a bowl every single day. But for people with sort 2 diabetes, this recommendation will be disastrous, as consuming oatmeal may cause blood sugar to rise


To put it merely, oatmeal is a excessive carbohydrate meals.

Carbohydrates in Oatmeal

There are about 23 grams of web carbs in 1 cup of cooked oatmeal. And whereas the quantity of fiber (4g) in oats is higher than a variety of different breakfast cereals, is it price consuming when the seemingly consequence is larger blood sugar ranges? 

First off, there are PLENTY of low carb meals with tons of fiber (suppose non-starchy veggies!) so you’ll be able to simply get sufficient fiber by counting on veg and low carb fruit alone. 

Next, let’s take into account what the analysis says.

The analysis on oats and diabetes is combined; for some folks with diabetes, oats will be tolerated in small quantities. But, in the event you’re consuming oats and your blood sugar is spiking, it will not be a good selection for you.

Our expertise is that most individuals do finest with out it.

Test Oatmeal Before it Hits the Trash

But.. earlier than you toss that field of oats into the rubbish can, you’ll be able to attempt these tricks to see in case your blood sugar responds any higher.

First, ensure you usually are not including extra carbs to your oatmeal resembling milk, honey, sugar, or dried fruit. 

For further taste, attempt including low carb additions like chia seeds or chopped walnuts as an alternative. If you want some sweetness, you’ll be able to add some stevia.

Next, maintain the portion measurement in test. Ideally, you need to solely eat a couple of half-cup serving cooked. 

Lastly, the kind of oats could make a distinction so ensure you are selecting entire oats over on the spot. A packet of on the spot oatmeal has a better glycemic index in comparison with the identical quantity of steel-cut oats. This might influence your blood sugar response.

Continue to test your blood sugars after consuming oatmeal to see your response and if the above changes make any distinction. If blood sugar is rising (particularly over 140/ 7.eight), this is not a superb meals for you and also you’re higher off consuming a lower-carb breakfast.

Reinvent Breakfast

Maybe it’s time to problem your preconceived notions of what a wholesome breakfast ought to appear to be. We all bear in mind these cereal commercials after we have been rising up displaying an enormous bowl of cereal, OJ, milk, and two slices of toast as a balanced breakfast – that couldn’t be farther from the reality, particularly for folks with sort 2 diabetes! 

A balanced breakfast ought to comprise protein, wholesome fats, and fiber. Try to decide on low carb, excessive fiber sources resembling nuts, seeds, non-starchy veggies, and even small quantities of low carb fruits resembling berries. 

Roasted Nut Low Carb Muesli

A couple of examples of balanced breakfast embrace: 

See how your blood sugar responds to those lower-carb breakfast choices, and evaluate that to a bowl of oatmeal while you take a look at your blood sugar ranges – you might be stunned by the distinction.

Lower carb breakfasts are simply as straightforward to arrange (if not simpler) than a bowl of oatmeal. And as we already mentioned, they are going to be extra pleasing to your blood sugar and total well being!

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